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Pat Hooper

Pat Hooper


employee spotlight

Pat Hooper has been with KRB Machinery for 6 years. Pat is our Area Sales Manager covering the southern & southwestern states. He believes sincerely that outstanding customer service is every bit as important as the durability of our machinery and strives daily to create the best experience possible. He goes the extra mile to make sure things are right and is a big reason why KRB is rated as a top service company in our industry.

Pat has been married to his wife Tara for 22 years. Pat has three children Brooke, Nick and Zoe. When Pat is not out and about selling the best rebar fabrication equipment in the world, he enjoys spending time with his family at home. Pat is a self-described “gear head”. When he has some free time, he can be found in his garage tinkering with his off-road vehicle. He also enjoys “wheeling” with his friends on the weekends and golfing with his family.

When asked what Pat likes best about working at KRB he explains “I really like the small company feel and the close-knit team here at KRB. Our customers are for the most part great hardworking people whom I want to help succeed in any small way that I can”.