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Human Resources MANAGER

KRB Machinery is seeking a full-time Human Resources manager to continuously improve and champion our company culture for our team. The Human Resource Manager will be responsible to advance and oversee all functions of the company related to Human Resources. This includes, recruitment, orientation, benefits, compensation, employment policies, job descriptions, performance appraisals, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, employee relations, coaching managers, employee discipline, laws and regulations, environmental health and safety committees and special projects. The ideal candidate will be a self-motivated individual with the capability to wear many hats, be an approachable leader and have a deep passion for building relationships, while driving results.


  • Recruitment: Responsible for all employment recruitment activities of the organization. Develop a working relationship with local and national referral sources. Works in conjunction with supervisors to maintain a list of current open positions. Is the conduit through which all applications and resumes are funneled to ensure that appropriate applicants are referred to the appropriate supervisors for interviews.

  • Orientation: Conducts new hire onboarding. Revises the orientation program as needed. Responsible for and maintaining employee’s personnel files. Enters the new employee’s information in the Human Resource Information Systems

  • Benefits: Responsible for the overall administration of the company’s benefits program. Obtains bids upon renewal, confers with management regarding benefits costs, makes recommendation as to employer/employee cost sharing, performs open enrollment and benefits meetings, and processes applications. Acts as the liaison between the insurance carries and the employee should a problem or question arise.

  • Compensation: Implements and updates the company’s compensation program as needed. Conducts yearly wage and salary surveys and makes recommendations to the Senior Management team regarding adjusting the wage scale if necessary. Coordinates weekly payroll preparation.

  • Employment Policies: Develops, recommends, interpretation, and implements employment policies and procedures; prepares and maintains handbook on policies and procedures. Ensures that the employment policies are effectively communicated to the employees.

  • Job Descriptions: Creates new job descriptions and revises existing ones as needed. Ensures that employees are aware of their job duties and responsibilities.

  • Performance Appraisals: Responsible for maintaining and updating 90-day and yearly performance evaluation tools as needed. Ensures that the 90-day and yearly evaluations are completed by supervisors as required.

  • Unemployment Compensation: Monitors Unemployment Compensation claims, completes the required paper work for the claims on a timely manner, represents the company at Unemployment Compensation hears as needed and monitors monthly Notice of Compensation Charged reports to ensure their accuracy.

  • Workers Compensation: Files initial Worker Comp claim with carries upon notification of an accident. Monitors workers' compensation claims and coordinates work between employee and insurance carrier.

  • Employee Relations: Establish credibility throughout the organization with management and the employees through open communications in order to be an effective listener and problem solver of people issues. Responsible for developing communications tools and opportunities for feedback for employees, i.e. employee luncheons, bi-monthly employee meetings, exit interviews.

  • Coaching Managers: Provide coaching and counseling to managers and supervisors on employee/employment issues they encounter as needed.

  • Employee Discipline: Ensures that the progressive disciple policy is enforced consistently throughout the company by training supervisors in the process and monitoring employee disciplines.

  • Laws and Regulations: Stays current on federal, state and case law changes and monitors labor law updates and newsletters for changes that affect HR. Suggest changes to existing Human Resource policies and procedures as warranted to reflect changes in the law. Ensures that the company is in compliance with all mandated federal and state laws dealing with human resources issues, i.e. FMLA, EEO, and FLSA.

  • Enviromental Health and Safety Committees: Serves as Chair of these committees. Plan conduct, administer facility Environmental Health and Safety training.

  • Special Projects: Develops and coordinates special projects in conjunction with the strategic planning of the company. Evaluates procedures and technology solutions to improve HR processes and data management.

  • Training: Coordinates all training aspects for the company.

  • Human Resource Knowledge: Maintain current knowledge and understanding of regulations, industry trends, current practices, new developments, and applicable laws regarding human resources. Makes recommendation to the Executive Management team regarding Human Resource practices based on this information. Complies with safety regulations and maintain clean and orderly work areas. Demonstrates the ability to work well with others and take direction from manager. Perform related work as assigned
  • Job essentials

    In order to accomplish the task of this job the employee must be able to do the following: Read, write and understand the English language and communicate using it effectively Possess superior communication skills, both written and verbal, to effectively address all levels within the organization. Demonstrate capability to interface and maintain effective relationships with all departments and employees in a team-oriented environment. Possess excellent organizational skills and interpersonal skills, including ability to resolve disputes and observe confidentiality.